Decentraland [MANA] Price: $0.04750
Price: $0.04750
Website: % Change 24h: +4.28%
% Change 24h: +4.28%
Available Supply: $1,050,141,509 Total Supply: $2,644,403,343
Available Supply: $1,050,141,509
Total Supply: $2,644,403,343
Market Cap: $49,885,581 24 Hr Volume: $2,454,934
Market Cap: $49,885,581
24 Hr Volume: $2,454,934
Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications. The platform allows you to purchase "land", creating an immutable record of ownership for that land, on which you can develop what you want.